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Has your church made some great improvements in its communication or marketing? The Juicys are a way to recognize and reward churches who’ve worked to improve their church communications recently. We want to honor churches just like yours, so apply for a Juicy today!
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Winner Archive

2015 Winners

First Presbyterian

Douglasville, GA

Denominational Change

Guiding a church through denominational change is daunting. What could be a decisive decision was actually a time of unity at First Presbyterian Church thanks to a strategic communications plan focusing on togetherness. 

Memorial Presby.

Midland, MI

Magazine Makeover

The monthly newsletter at Memorial Presbyterian Church was losing steam and effectiveness. Yet MPC knew from surveying data that members still wanted print communication. That led to the creation of a new magazine written by church and community members that better links the congregation with its neighbors.  

Gashland EPC

Kansas City, MO

Interactive Missions Wall

Meaningfully connecting congregations with the missionaries they support around the world can be tough. Gashland Evangelical Presbyterian Church built a mission lobby using a mix of traditional and digital media that has led to increased awareness, higher levels of giving and a better sense of community. 

Heyward Street

Columbia, SC

Small Church Rebranding

Heyward Street Church is proof that good branding done with intentional planning isn't something just reserved for large churches. This church of 50 went from a generic, denomination based logo to one that better shares their community focused vision.

Fairborn UMC

Fairborn, OH

Social Media Strategy

Posting to social media channels can often become a task that’s done whenever there’s a little bit of extra time. Fairborn UMC decided to ditch that inconsistent approach to be more intentional in reaching their congregation and community.

2014 Winners

Harris Creek Baptist

McGregor, TX

Annual Report Website

Many churches dread putting together the annual report. Harris Creek decided to use the opportunity to create an interactive, visual website that shows the true impact the church is having.

Rez Houston

Houston, TX

Cohesive Communications

Resurrection Houston is proof that you don’t have to be a big church to do communications well. The church leveraged its strengths to create cohesive, beautiful work that not only represents who they are, but how they can be a part of their community.

Knox-Met United

Regina, SK

Simple, Modern Newsletter

Newsletters aren’t dead and Knox-Met proves it. This church de-cluttered their newsletter to more effectively communicate with their congregation and surrounding community. 

Broadway Church

Vancouver, BC

Vision Video

Casting vision isn’t easy. Effectively sharing it with the congregation can be tough, too. Broadway Church took the powerful vision cast by their pastor during a staff meeting and turned it into a video that stirs emotions to inspire a church to take action.

2013 Winners

Elmbrook Church

Brookfield, WI

Communications Matrix

Elmbrook had a busy year in communication.  They developed a communication matrix to better determine how something gets promoted based on its overall impact on members and guests.  Plus they launched a new website and newsletter.

The Grove

Denver, CO

Church Plant Booklet

When planting a church, clearly communing vision is so important.  That's why The Grove intentionally created a visually stunning support booklet that shared the pastor’s passion while also showing pictures of the neighborhood the church wants to serve.

Bethel CRC

Sioux Center, IA

Small Church Rebranding

The communications materials coming from Bethel Christian Reformed Church were unorganized and inconsistent which wasn’t a fair representation of who they really were.  A new logo and branding standards were a launching point for a complete communications overhaul.

Severn Run

Severn Run, MD

Rebranding With A Mission

Rebranding The Church at Severn Run wasn’t just about eliminating the noisy, disjointed communication at the church.  Leaders used it as a chance to redefine the mission of what it means to be a Christian who loves their community.

OneLife Church

Knoxville, TN

Volunteer Training Program

OneLife Church always had an emphasis on training volunteers, but when they realized retention rates were dropping they knew something had to change.  A new, multimedia orientation process has helped the church successfully keep more than half its members volunteering.

2012 Winners

Willowdale CRC

Toronto, ON

Website Redesign

This small congregation had a one page, static website that didn’t meet their needs.  The church wasn’t paralyzed by the big task of starting over.  They followed some best practices to build a modern, cost effective site.  Willowdale kept communication lines open and didn’t let the project die by committee.

Long Hollow

Hendersonville, TN

Alternate Reality Game

Who is Phillip Randoll?  That question was the launching point for Easter at Long Hollow.  The fictional story of Phillip Randoll unfolded on billboards, yard signs, websites, social media and more.  The interactive game led up to a multimedia service on Easter Sunday.  Creativity trumped cost in this campaign.

Westbury UMC


Collaborative Magazine

Westbury UMC knew members of their congregation still relied on paper to get their information, but the old, bland newsletter wasn’t working.  They launched a new, colorful magazine full of stories about the church written by people in the church. The result is a more dynamic publication of inspirational stories.


Shreveport, LA

Text Altar Call

In a large outdoor Christmas service, Broadmoor Baptist realized people couldn’t get through the crowd to the stage during the altar call. A quick decision lead to having people directly text a pastor when they were ready to make the decision for Christ. Now the technology is a regular part of services.

2011 Winners

Life Baptist

Las Vegas, NV

Complete Rebranding

Life Baptist Church had an identity problem.  There was inconsistency to way they were presenting themselves. Printed materials didn’t match and there were no branding standards.  So when it came time for Life Baptist to move to a new building, they decided to be more intentional about their identity.  It made them think not only about a logo, but also who they were as a church.

Level Ground

Abbotsford, BC

Video Storytelling

No one really looks forward to the annual report church meeting.  Like many churches, Level Ground struggled to get people to the annual meeting mainly because it was boring.  They decided to make the meeting more of a story telling event of the great things that happened at the church.  Videos were mixed in with standard reports to create a much more engaging experience.


Anchorage, AK

Smart Phone App

ChangePoint had the typical church communications stuff: bulletins, printed monthly calendars and an average website.  It wasn’t working.  They decided to start over with a communications overhaul focused simply on how to reach their people.  That led to developing a smartphone app that’s been downloaded thousands of times with people actually using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Juicys?

The Juicys are awards given to churches who have accomplished good things in communications over the past year. That could be a revamped website, great use of social media, or an awesome overall communications plan. We want to recognize churches of all sizes that have made great strides in improving their communications to the congregation and their surrounding community.

Who’s behind The Juicys?

We’re so glad you asked. The Juicys are presented by Church Juice. We’re a nonprofit ministry that’s passionate about helping churches be better communicators. We believe everything a church does says something about who they are, so why not be intentional about it? Church Juice provides free downloadable resources, articles, and one-on-one consulting. If you don’t know us already, check out

What’s expected if I win a Juicy?

Our goal at Church Juice is to be an educational resource for churches. If you receive a Juicy, we’ll ask you to help us tell the story of your project. We’ll make your story available for free on Church Juice. Pretty simple, right? We’ll showcase your cool communications project and give advice for churches that are looking to do something similar. We’re all in this together so let’s have a Kingdom focus.

What do I win?

The Juicys are all about honoring church communications. We think you're awesome, and we want to share how awesome you are with the world. For the 2018 award season, we have a pretty sweet award package to show our appreciation for what you're doing in your local church. Additionally, you're helping us support churches across the globe by telling your story. You'll receive one ticket to That Church Conference in Atlanta, Georgia this coming September along with a one-year subscription to SundayU. From our friends at Center for Church Communication, you'll also receive a three-month subscription to Courageous Storytellers. There's also some other prizes that we're just not willing to share yet!

What kind of communications projects are you looking for?

Communication permeates every aspect of ministry. So we’re less concerned about the medium you used and more interested about the thought that went into it. Maybe you had a terrible website, but went through an intentional process to create a new one. Or it’s possible you did some sort of outreach campaign to your community. Did you use social media in a creative way that led to a lot of interaction and ministry? Maybe you did a communication strategy overhaul. Perhaps you went through a complete rebranding. Better yet, maybe you’re idea was so awesome, it’ll never be on an example list like this. Our goal is to highlight best practices that can be repeated by other churches of any size.

How do I apply?

The 2018 application season has passed. Stay tuned for details on the next Juicys award season! Once the process opens, you will have the ability to fill out an application and submit your project documentation (files, videos, pictures, documents, or other collateral material).


The deadline to apply for The Juicys has passed. The winners will be annouced the week of June 4, 2018.

How will you decide who gets a Juicy?

We've put together a panel of church communication experts from across North America to help us select the winners. Here is 2018's panel of judges:

Bryan Haley, Church Juice Producer
Justin Dean, That Church Conference
Justin Sterenberg, ReFrame Media
Katie Allred, Co-Founder, Church Communications
Kevin Hendricks, Church Marketing Sucks
Kristen deRoo VanderBerg, Director of Communications & Marketing, CRCNA
Ryan Wakefield, Church Marketing University
Tyler Rominger, Founder, Ministry Designs


We want this application process to be easy for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.