Event: Communication + The Church | Classis Atlantic North East

Communication + The Church | Classis Atlantic North East

When we talk about communication or marketing, what does that mean? Aren't those terms for the corporate world? In this discussion, we'll interact with the concepts of communication and marketing. Taking concepts from the business world and redeeming them for the sake of the gospel may mean our church's can be more effective, have a broader reach, and better fulfill the Great Commission. So let's talk about communication and the church, and work toward best practices for how we can do ministry better through effective communication.

Bryan Haley

Bryan Haley

Bryan joined the ReFrame Media team in 2017 with a passion to help churches reach people with the gospel using effective church communications. As producer for Church Juice, Bryan helps congregations energize their church communications by overseeing the Church Juice blog, publishing in-depth ebook resources, and developing training on topics like marketing, branding, social media, internal communications, and website development.

Bryan brings years of communication and outreach experience gained both in full-time church ministry and the field of church website design. Bryan and his wife, Denae, enjoy Michigan summers, Detroit sports, and family time.