Resources from Church Juice To Help Your Church Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

We're all in uncharted waters, trudging through this together. And knowing that community is a big part of what we strive to provide at Church Juice, this is an excellent opportunity to support you in community.

In addition to the list of coronavirus-realated resources below, we have an open Zoom video call at 2pm ET each weekday. Thirty minutes of conversation, brainstorming, problem-solving, and prayer. Our goal is to provide community and support in tangible ways that you find most beneficial right now. You're welcome to jump on the call once, or every day, whatever you need. No agenda. No products or services to push. Just support, conversation, and community.

You can join the Zoom call today (or any weekday) at 2pm ET.

Live Streaming

Keeping People Engaged Online

You have to work to keep people’s attention—at home or in the sanctuary.

Connecting Without Live Streaming

You don't have to live stream in order to connect with your congregation during COVID-19. Here are some other options to stay connected with your congregation when you’re unable to connect in-person.

Go Live or Go Home: Streaming Strategy for Small Churches

Technology has evolved and changed, and now it’s possible for nearly every church to broadcast. But just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

How to Post a Sermon Online and Reach an Audience

Many churches face the challenge of using the Internet to help spread their message, not to mention the struggle of how to embrace technology as a whole.

Remote Working

Zoom Tips for Newbies

Are you new to Zoom? Video conferencing can be a great way to keep people engaged, even when we’re practicing social distancing.

Adjusting to the New Reality of Social Distancing and Remote Work

This sudden and unexpected shift to remote work has been a major adjustment for millions of us—including church staff. Not only can we not meet for Sunday morning worship, but we also can’t go into the office during the week to get our regular ministry work done.

Congregation & Community Care

Creating Community While Physical Distancing

While simply doing Sunday-only content online could suffice for a few weeks, providing opportunities for community is becoming even more vital as we’re all dealing with isolation.

Holy Week at Home

What has historically been the church’s version of the Super Bowl has quickly been upended. So how do we transform one of the holiest weeks in the Christian calendar from an in-person series of events to an almost entirely digital experience?

Caring For Your Community & Congregation During COVID-19

Here are a few ideas to help you minister to your community in the age of coronavirus.

Communications Plan

Car Keys, Coronavirus, and Church Communications

As a communications coordinator, I hold the keys to my church's various media channels. I am indispensable. But I shouldn't be.

Communicating Clearly: How to Handle Coronavirus at Your Church

In some areas of North America, churches are also canceling Sunday gatherings or postponing special events. Other churches are taking precautions to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus. So what should your church be doing, and how can you effectively communicate the steps you are taking to keep people safe while continuing the work of the gospel?

Be Prepared: How to Develop an Effective Communication Policy for Important Updates

No one likes to think about having to deal with a crisis in your church. But it’s critical to have a plan in place that will keep everyone in the loop and outline the steps you need to take for any unexpected situation.

Communication During a Tragedy: Lessons from Equifax

Putting time and energy into thinking through a variety of scenarios may seem a little doomsday-ish, but being prepared for the worst will allow you to respond well and minister appropriately when a crisis arises.

Social Media

3 Quick Social Media Tips for Your Church

Social media is essential to your church’s communication strategy. It’s something that cannot be ignored. Social media is a great way to connect with your members, regular attenders, and even new folks where they are already hanging out.

What's Your Platform? Finding the Right Social Media

How do you decide which platform you need? Do you need more than one? If these questions are giving you social media anxiety, don’t worry—the answers are here.

4 Things Churches Need to Stop Posting on Social Media

There are plenty of blog posts out there about what churches and Christians should be posting on their social media. There’s no shortage of ideas for what to add online. So here are a few things you and your church should stop publishing online.

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