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Twitter’s New Design and Features

Posted April 08th @ 10:10 am by Jerod

Twitter is changing.  The blue bird is rolling out a new design and new features that actually look similar to Facebook’s Timeline.  While you may not have the new style yet, here is a look at what’s going to be different.

New header image.  The old header and background images will be gone, to be replaced by a larger, full screen image that’s 1500 x 500 pixels.


Pinned tweets.  Twitter now lets you pin a tweet to the top of your feed.  This gives you the ability to be more strategic about what information you first share with visitors.


Best tweets.  A Twitter algorithm will determine your best tweets based on how much engagement they receive.  Those selected gems will be displayed larger in your feed.

Filtered tweets.  When someone visits your profile, they can now filter the way they see your tweets.  For example they can narrow down your feed to tweets that only have pictures or videos. 

Photo tagging and uploading.  These features are already active through the mobile app, but it’s worth mentioning.  When you tweet a picture you can tag up to 10 other users in it.  Also you can upload four photos at a time in a single tweet.

If you’re similar to me, as user of a third party app like Hootsuite, it can be hard to grasp the importance of changes to design on Twitter’s actual site.  But it’s important to remember that the average user probably isn’t living outside of the official Twitter pages.  Using new features and updating images will help you give the best first glance of your church and show that you’re a committed social media user.

Website Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted April 02nd @ 10:27 am by Jerod

Fresh air. Melted snow. As a Chicagoan, I’m optimistic that warm weather will soon be here to stay. The joy of warmth also comes with the task of cleaning up the mess winter left behind.

If the change of seasons motivates you to do something new, here are five tips for sprucing up your church website. 

  • Add pictures of your people in action across the entire site. If there are images of people on your site, they should be your congregation, not stock photography. Beyond that, adding more images of your church in action gives people a glimpse of who you are and it enhances the story you’re telling about your congregation. For example, a page describing your church’s mission outreach is...

Easter Planning

Posted March 20th @ 10:23 am by Jerod

You don’t need (or probably want) me to remind you that Easter is quickly approaching.  But it is.  As you’re fine-tuning your plans, I want to offer a few ideas for how you can make sure your work ends up benefiting the most people possible. 

  • Remember the difference in mood.  Good Friday is somber and Easter Sunday is joyous.  It’s death and resurrection.  Something feels out of place when Sunday morning is a downer or vice versa.  Remember people’s expectations.  They remember Easter morning as uplifting.  It’s likely why visitors who haven’t been to church in awhile will come through your front door on Easter. 
  • Share your Easter plans.  If you want people in your congregation to...

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