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The Church Juice podcast talks through church communication, marketing, and leadership issues facing the local church today. Join hosts Bryan Haley, Church Juice producer, and Josh Rickard, worship leader at Redemption City Church, as they discuss tips, strategies, and tools that church administrators, pastors, and anyone in church communication can use to enhance their church marketing and communication.


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Hello, 2019!

2019 is going to be a big year at Church Juice. In today's episode, we wrap up the first season of Church Juice's podcast about talking through some of the exciting things on the horizon, while also discussing the idea of resolutions and goals.

Your Questions & Our Answers

Happy 2019! We're taking time today to talk about some of the questions we receive from listeners like you.

Creating a Communications Strategy for the New Year

Now is a great time to start thinking about what you can do differently in the new year. Let’s talk about creating a communications strategy for the new year today.

Stop Announcing Everything

We’re kicking off a month-full of content all around communication strategy. In this episode we're getting started with one topic that comes up pretty often in conversations with churches: announcements.

Finding Your Audience

Identifying our audience helps to lower barriers and better reach people. So how do we do that? We’re talking about finding your audience in this episode. We get to some listener questions, too.

Consistency in Branding

Branding is one of those words that some churches may coin as too “business-y” but in reality, the church can learn a lot from the business world. So when you think of a brand what do you think of? Often it’s the logo, but it’s probably much more than just an icon or name.

Big Sundays

How are you preparing for your next “big” Sunday? What are some things your church should be thinking about? In this episode, we talk about big-attendance Sundays, like your recent Fall kick-off, Christmas, Easter, or other outreach-focused church services.

Measuring the Success of Big Events

We're discussing the idea of evaluation and analyzing outreach events. What do you do do to measure the success of an event? How does your church determine whether an outreach program has been successful? Here are some thinks to think about, including if you need to rethink how the event or program was executed.

Getting Guests to Return

We’re talking about getting first-time visitors, or guests, to become return visitors and hopefully part of the overall congregation. Lots of churches see guests come for one Sunday, then never return. In today's conversation, we talk about ways to close the back door and make sure we are welcoming, engaging, and caring for our first-timers.

Communicating with Guests & Members

The things that we say—either intentionally or not—can say a lot about who and what we care about. In this episode we spend time talking about how to communicate well to both our first-timers and our regular attenders.

Social Media

In the church, social media can be a big struggle — from deciding what channels to utilize, how social fits into the overall strategy of the church, who will be in charge, what to post, and so many other questions. So we want to help answer some of these questions and relieve some of the burden and stress your church may be feeling in its attempt to be relevant and modern.

Trends & Relevancy

Let's consider cultural trends and our desire to be relevant. Is being relevant and culturally "cool" something we should be striving for as communicators?

An Introduction

Church Juice is here to support church communications in ministries across North America. Find out more about who we are and what we're about in this introductory episode.