Event: Keys to Succesful Communication in Your Church | Classis Yellowstone

Keys to Succesful Communication in Your Church | Classis Yellowstone

As ministry leaders, you're busy. You have a long list of things to do, and not enough time in the day to complete them all. Communicating to your church members is just one more thing that you try and do well, but sometimes it can seem like an impossible task. Why does communication and marketing make a difference? Does "communication" really matter? Together, we'll dive into how good communication can help your ministry thrive and what you can do to make communication at your church a streamlined process, without adding hours to your workload.

Bryan Haley

Bryan Haley

Bryan joined the ReFrame Media team in 2017 with a passion to help churches reach people with the gospel using effective church communications. As producer for Church Juice, Bryan helps congregations energize their church communications by overseeing the Church Juice blog, publishing in-depth ebook resources, and developing training on topics like marketing, branding, social media, internal communications, and website development.

Bryan brings years of communication and outreach experience gained both in full-time church ministry and the field of church website design. Bryan and his wife, Denae, enjoy Michigan summers, Detroit sports, and family time.