The days of being cool for just having a website are over. Increasingly the web is becoming the primary way visitors are learning about your church. Most people looking for a church will check out a bunch on websites instead of making a random visit to your physical building on a Sunday. For members, a well designed site with updated content can be a hub for finding out what’s going on at church. Beyond that, many churches are realizing the web provides a whole other campus where people can come and worship.

Recent Case Studies

Case Study: Encounter Church Gets A Clover Website

A thousand bucks for a website is a deal.  Really, it is.  That's why Clover has become such a popular option.  Not only is it affordable, but their template sites are visually pleasing.  Behind the design, Clover has simplified posting content to dragging and dropping.  In 2010, we helped...


10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Using A New Communications Tool

It’s easy to want to use every sort of tool and technology to spread the message of what your church is up to.  But in reality, some methods may not work for your church.  A presence primarily on the web makes sense for some while printed newsletters work better for others. In this resource, we...


Low-Hanging Fruit: Six Things You Can Easily Accomplish in the Next Three Months

We all can get busy.  It's just the nature of working at a church.  This resource gives some easy things you can do that won't take a lot of time, but they can make a difference for visitors and regular attenders a like. Topics include: website auditing, spring cleaning, signage, volunteer...


Website 101: Seven Basics Vital to a Good Site

A good website is important now more than ever. More and more people's first visit to your church is through your website and not through your front doors.  In this resource, you'll find seven things that are crucial to think about when you're creating or redesigning a website.


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