Public Relations

Whether it’s a reporter at your door or an angry neighbor, it’s important for a church to know how to handle the situation. A time of crisis or conflict isn’t the moment to start thinking about public relations. How would you handle a controversy in your church that becomes public? What would you do if reporters start calling you or showing up at your front door? Public relations is important in the good times, too. What are you doing to be a good neighbor in your community?

Recent Case Studies

Media Relations 101

As a church, there are many ways you could encounter members of the media.  Maybe you want them to cover an event you’re hosting?  Perhaps you have a team traveling to help with disaster relief.  Let’s hope reporters aren’t showing up at your church because of a crisis.  No matter the situation,...


Case Study: ECRC Fun Fest

Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church in Elmhurst, IL, was transitioning to a new building in a new neighborhood. As an outreach initiative, the church wanted to invite people to not only see the new building, but to learn more about the church. ECRC hosted a week of events including ribbon cutting...


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