Graphic Design

Sure looking good matters. Just ask anchorman Ron Burgundy. While visual appeal is a key part of design, it’s not the only aspect. Effective design includes well organized information, appealing writing and clear messaging. In a media saturated society, where so many organizations are competing for people’s attention, good graphic design is no longer an option, but a must.

Recent Case Studies

Case Study: The Church Juice Branding Process

We spent a long time developing Church Juice.  From fine tuning our vision to creating the branding, we took intentional steps and made strategic decisions that formed what Church Juice looks like today.  Since we want everything we do to be an educational opportunity for you, we've published this...


Case Study: ECRC Fun Fest

Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church in Elmhurst, IL, was transitioning to a new building in a new neighborhood. As an outreach initiative, the church wanted to invite people to not only see the new building, but to learn more about the church. ECRC hosted a week of events including ribbon cutting...


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