Anything people read or hear, online or in person, about what your church is doing is communications. We can help you look at your overall strategy or give you a hand on something specific like creating a weekly email or worship folder.

Recent Case Studies

Media Relations 101

As a church, there are many ways you could encounter members of the media.  Maybe you want them to cover an event you’re hosting?  Perhaps you have a team traveling to help with disaster relief.  Let’s hope reporters aren’t showing up at your church because of a crisis.  No matter the situation,...


10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Using A New Communications Tool

It’s easy to want to use every sort of tool and technology to spread the message of what your church is up to.  But in reality, some methods may not work for your church.  A presence primarily on the web makes sense for some while printed newsletters work better for others. In this resource, we...


Low-Hanging Fruit: Six Things You Can Easily Accomplish in the Next Three Months

We all can get busy.  It's just the nature of working at a church.  This resource gives some easy things you can do that won't take a lot of time, but they can make a difference for visitors and regular attenders a like. Topics include: website auditing, spring cleaning, signage, volunteer...


Direct Mailing 101: Don’t Get Lost in the Clutter

Some say it’s not worth the time or money. Others say sending a postcard still works for them. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.  But in today's media saturated society there are some things you need to think about before ever calling the postman to come deliver your postcards.  This...


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