Rules For Having A Legal Church Super Bowl Party

Posted January 24th 2011 @ 2:49 pm by Jerod

The NFL has been notorious for changing the rules of what’s legal when it comes to churches showing the Super Bowl on their big screens.  So I emailed the NFL last week asking them what rules a church needs to follow to legally show the big game in 2011.  They wrote:

"As long as you don't charge admission, you can show the Super Bowl game."

Easy enough, right? 

If you're still looking for some more unofficial legal advice, here's a video we posted last year updated video from The Church Law Group laying out some guidelines for having a legal Super Bowl party. 

There are three main points from the video:

  • The game must be shown on equipment that the church regularly uses over the course of ministry. So if the church already owns a big screen and sound equipment, then the game can be shown using this equipment.
  • A church cannot charge admission for the party. The NFL has stated, however, that a church may take up a donation to defray the cost of the event if they desire.
  • To avoid any copyright infringements, churches may want to call their event a “Big Game Party” rather than a “Super Bowl Party.”

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I didn’t know a church had to follow any rules for showing the super bowl.  A church I attended a few years ago had a super bowl party and showed the game on the equipment in the sanctuary….I was a little bothered by the beer commercials; guess I was being hypocritical thinking it should have been shown in the fellowship hall instead of the sanctuary.

Anne 4:37 pm Sun, Jan 30, 2011

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