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Posted October 08th 2010 @ 12:55 pm by Jerod

This week, Facebook announced a bunch of new features for their social network.  Probably the biggest change comes for Groups.  In the past, Groups had a smaller importance in the grand Facebook scheme.  But now Groups could be a great way to share information with selected people within your church with flexible privacy settings.  Think of things like prayer lists or worship team groups.

Once you create a group, you can select who’s a part of it.  Not just anyone can join.  Members in the group can create posts, share pictures, be involved in live group chat and collaborate on online documents.  You can basically do a lot of the standard Facebook stuff, plus there are some newly added features which are nice. 

Privacy settings can vary: public, private and secret.  From what I understand, at the public level, people can see what’s being posted and who’s a member, but they can’t join without administrative approval.  Secret hides the group even from searches.  Private is somewhere in the middle.

You can also create a custom email as a way to easily send message to people in the group. 

So overall I think this could be a great way to communicate with specific groups in your church who may be active on Facebook already.  It doesn’t replace your normal fan page.  You still want to have that kind of page that’s more public for people to interact with your church.  Think of the new Groups more like an interactive email list for things that need to be private or affect a smaller set of people. 

It’s a little choppy, but here’s a video tour of the new Groups from Mashable is you want to see it in action.

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While I agree the new FB groups can be a wonderful tool there is also an inherent problem (that you also pointed out).  While to be apart of any group you need administrative approval, administrators can include whomever they’d like in their group - without that person’s approval.  There are already a number of reports on tech blogs that this is happening - unfortunately this appears to be another security loophole that FB has created. And so far their response has been something to the effect that it’s easy enough to leave a group. That response is a cop-out - because it’s also easy enough for an admin of a group to just re-include someone who just left a group they have no desire to be in.

Craig 4:57 pm Fri, Oct 08, 2010

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